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Thursday 25 April
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Rishikesh at a glance (World Capital Of Yoga) 

Rishikesh (ऋषिकेश) is a well-known name for spiritual seekers. It is a small city in Uttarakhand and is called the younger brother of Haridwar. Rishikesh –Haridwar is also called ‘twin national heritage cities’ and indeed one pilgrimage site in Uttarakhand. On one side Haridwar symbolizes Mahakumba, the greatest gathering of Hindus; on the other side, Rishikesh signifies the major training core of yoga and meditation (the yoga capital of the world). This small city is located about 25 kilometers north of Haridwar and can easily be reached by bus, train or local auto rickshaws.

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History of Hrishikesh 

Rishikesh’ is one of the thousand names of lord Vishnu, which means ‘God of senses’. The other ancient names of Rishikesh are ‘Kubjamraka’ (for the reason that lord Vishnu was seen here under a mango tree) and ‘Agnitirtha’ (as Lord Agni prayed here to lord Shiva to remove his peccadilloes). This holy city has been well introduced in ‘Skanda Purana’. It has also been the Tapasthali’ (place to penance) of lord Ram and many other sages.

Modern Hrishikesh (हृषिकेश)

Unlike other ancient and historical cities in India, Rishikesh becomes the core of attraction to sightseers. Take a break from your daily routine and make plan a wonderful weekend trip from Delhi to the beautiful city of Rishikesh.

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