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Thursday 25 April
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A City On Your Screen

A city close to eyes, A city close to heart.

Our aim is to connect Haridwar worldwide through, right and relying information.  We make it easier to find any kind of information regarding Haridwar – the gateway to gods.

Who are we?

We are hard-working and enthusiastic young people of haridwar, giving our best to gather all sort of information about city, and share it with you, at one place.

The Thought…

You are going for a holiday and you need to know about Available places to stay at. The Geyser not working or you having a tooth ache and looking for right doctor to consult with or your wife asking for the latest levi’s jeans or your kids insisting that you book a table in the newest food joint in town. What to do in any scenario where you need a number, address, and reviews of any business be it X, Y OR Z? YOU, allow us to help you.

The Effort

“Hard work pays off”

Finally after, one year of hard work, trials, meetings and discussions, field work and our team brings you an answer- Your one stop to search for any business in any location in town along with their phone numbers, facilities provided, address, location on the map, photograph and your valuable reviews.

Where’s the party tonight? What important is happening and where?  Weekend plans or a short break? We cover it all, in our EVENTS section.

AllinHaridwar Will focus on all local activities and events, happening in Haridwar .

We request our subscribers to share any events from entertainment to business, on our Events section.   Together, we can make Haridwar an example of community living where we live together, party together and return to work, refreshed and rejuvenated.

The JOBS SECTION  is viewed as a necessity when we are talking about city coming together at a place to party and to work.

 With so many aspiring graduates looking for suitable jobs each year, we want to become a medium to connect the employer with the employee. Listing jobs and vacancies on the site is absolutely free of cost.

We realize that our success is based on the richness of the content in ALLinHaridwar – data has a life, and we need to use innovative usages of technology to reach all of you.

You will experience this professional approach in the quality of our Database.

Together, we can make it all possible.

YOU are at the helm of affairs in ALLinHaridwar. We have covered almost all your businesses in our database but now you need to tell us of your new business or a change in your address or telephone number. We want our database to be 100 percent accurate and only you can help us do that.

Tell us about the events in your area/locality/social interactions. You decide who you want to see on the site. You can list your jobs, real estate properties and leave the rest to us.

The motive is clear, and we hope to get your continued participation so that we can deliver with flawless execution.

The Promoters is a portal owned by AllinHaridwar Inc.  We believe information is as essential as food and water, and that’s what we bring to you. Lots of communication, lots of information while you sit at home and ‘watch’ the entire City on your screen!

How do I get my business listed on All In Haridwar?

If you would like your club, bar, pub, restaurant, hotel or business listed on All In Haridwar we have a number of options for you to explore. Click here for information on our webpage editing system. You may wish to contact Sales for additional competition sponsorship and newsletter advertising opportunities.

Any Questions? & Suggestions about AllinHaridwar..

If you’ve got any questions and suggestions about All In Haridwar please let us know.