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Thursday 25 April
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During an emergency it is easy to become bewildered and confused, so you need to all the important phone numbers and immediately available before of time.

Public Utility and Emergency Numbers Haridwar City in India

haridwar-emergency-numbersHaridwar Vigilance Commission has set up all the critical helpline numbers where you can undoubtedly call to report any occasion where Government Officials approached you for a bribe. For example on the off chance that you need blood in Haridwar, you will give a call to Blood Bank. Same as though you require any help identified with brutality in your general vicinity you can require a Police or whatever other helpline numbers. Allinharidwar- the city portal of Haridwar gives you a critical phone numbers for your assistance. Since Emergency can emerge whenever and anyplace. Crisis Numbers of Haridwar can be of the Fire Bridge Office, Police Station close-by you and your region, Ambulance administrations and so on. You simply approach these given underneath numbers and get the determination inside of the short compass of time.

District Administration (DM, SDM, City Magistrate)

D.M Haridwar01334-239561, 239645
City Magistrate01334-226400
SDM, Haridwar01334-239107
Tehshildar, Hw01334-254807

Police Stations in Haridwar

SSP Haridwar01334-239777
C.O.  City First Haridwar01334-265800
C.O. Sadar Haridwar01334-239777
Comdt. CISF, BHEL01334-230567
Comdt. Homegaurd HDR01334-225637
Comdt. PAC Haridwar01334-251986
Kotwali Haridwar01334-265874
Kotwali Jwalapur01334-250444
Police Emergency100
S.P. City, Haridwar01334-265722
Thana Ranipur01334-231365
Thana Kankhal01334-246080
Jail Roshnabad01334-239500
Fire Station101

Important Note– Police Control Room Dial 100 in case of any Emergency.

Nagar Nigam or Nagar Palika in Haridwar District

Chief Nagar Nigam Officer01334-224321
Health Officer01334-226027
Municipal Engineer01334-226253
Sewage Pumping Station01334-210424
Water works Engineer01334-226360

Haridwar Railway Enquiry

Railway Enquiry139, 01334-225931
Railway Enquiry Comp.01334-226479
Railway Mail Service01334-227197
Railway Police Haridwar01334-265875
Railway Telephone Exchange01334-227369
Station Superintendent01334-227461

Airport Enquiry

Fire Brigade Department

Important Note– for emergency Fire Brigade Service, Dial 101

Haridwar Roadways

G.M.O.U. Ltd. Haridwar01334-226886
Regional Man, Road01334-227037
Roadways Enquiry HRD01334-227037
Bus Terminal01334- 227037

Haridwar Government Departments Contact no

Public Service Comm.01334-244282
Chief Agriculture Officer01334-239034
Chief Divisional Officer01334-239097
Chief Medical Officer01334-239600
Distt. Rural Dev. Agency01334-239462
Distt. Samaj Kalyan office01334-239743
Assistant Labour Commr.01334-265222
District Forest Officer01334-226271
District Abkari Officer01334-239386
District Eco Static Officer01334-254420

Blood Banks and Hospitals in Haridwar

• Civil Hospital – 01334-226060
• B.H.E.L. Hospital – 01334-285247, 285225
• District Mela Hospital – 01334-265525
• District women Hospital – 01334-227490
• Ram Krishna Mission Hospital -01334-244176,246141
• Shardhanand Hospital – 01334-245782
• Ganagamata Charitable Eye Hospital -01334-226090
• Bhooma Nikatan Charitable Eye Hospital – 01334-260173,260722
• Mehra Nursing Home New – 01334-226135
• Shivalik Center, Tibri – 01334-225396-97
• Sondhi Nursing Home – 01334-254212
• Dr.Leela Gupta Nursing Home Jawalapur – 01334-250268
• City Hospital Ranipur Mode- 01334-220180-82
• Wadera Nursing Home, Jawalapur – 01334-254547
• Dev Bhoomi Hospital – 01334-227390
• Dr. Seema Gupta Mat. Home – 01334-254575

Day And Night Chemists Shops Open in Haridwar

• Civil Hospital – 01334-226060
• B.H.E.L. Hospital – 01334-285247, 285225
• Dev Bhoomi Hospital – 01334-227390
• District women Hospital – 01334-227490
• Dr.Leela Gupta Nursing Home Jawalapur – 01334-250268
• City Hospital – 01334-220180-82

Ambulance Services in Haridwar

• Civil Hospital – 01334-226060
• B.H.E.L. Hospital – 01334-285247, 285225
• District Mela Hospital – 01334-265525
• Lions Club Ambulance – 01334-254213 / 227506
• Punjabi Yava Samiti Ambulance – 01334-250019 / 250952
• City Hospital Ambulance – 01334-220182 / 220180

24 Hours Petrol Pumps in Haridwar

• Ahuja Petrol Pamp • Gurudev Petrol Pump • Hari Kirpa Filling Pump • Bhart Petrolium • Sahgal Filling Station

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